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Why you need a car wrap? This is an interesting question to ask before you get a car wrap. Is it for your personal preference or your business require it as a marketing tool? If you get bored with your old factory car colour then the colour wrap is a great option. We have 200+ colour options available that include gloss, metallic, satin, matte, carbon fibre, colour flip, and many more. For commercial cars, we offer full car wrap, partial wrap, vehicle decals, and truck wraps.

Here is the answer to all your doubts and questions about why you need a car wrap:

Protects from scratches

It is hard to protect the car paint from damage as it is easily scratched by using the wrong cleaning tools, snow brushes, ice scraper, and ice hammer. Why are sure that you simply do not have time for the deep cleaning and maintenance of original car paint. Basically, you need a car wrap – as it is a high-quality material that we use for vinyl and lasts for long years.

Increase the sales value

Car wrapping protects the original paint and is easy to remove when the time comes. Your original paint looks fresh and clean after wrapping removal and it increases the sales value of your car. Most secondhand buyers prefer the original finish of the car when you bought it for the first time. We have always seen that the basic original coloured cars are easy to sell than custom ones.

Economical than Repainting

A great finish with paint would cost you around more than $12,000 and compare to this car wrapping is far way cheaper than paint. Even after spending this huge money on car paint, there is no guarantee that it will be flawless. Another aspect is that repainting your vehicle will lower the resale value.

Best Advertising Tool

Car wraps proved as the best marketing tool for a business. While the vehicle is parked or riding, having your company logo will send the branding message. From the recent statistics, it has been proved that people recognize the brand more from mobile advertising than newspapers or billboards. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to wrap your car with company services if you have not done so far.

Multiple Design Choices & Colours

We have 200+ colour options that will give your car high-quality finishing. The car will like a brand new vehicle and finally, you can standout in a crowd. Car wrapping is a custom design that you can customize with the interior of your car. Either you choose carbon fibre or metallic colours, the choice are limitless.


There are numerous car wrapping benefits to discuss more. It is always beneficial to have a car wrapping than repainting and far way cheaper.