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Commercial wraps is popular mobile marketing tool for every business. Having your vehicle wrapped with your company logos is always an asset. However, it is not an easy to wrap a car, it requires high-end designing and printing process, also highly professional installers for commercial wrap. We offer commercial wraps for all types of cars, vans, and trucks. We also have an expert team of designers that will discuss your business models and make the design that will reflect your branding. Here are some tips for commercial car that you must consider while having for your vehicle:

Colour Collection

It is important to choose the right colours for car wraps according to your business branding. The decal or logo should be bright or large enough to see from a distance to deliver a message to the audience. Having light shades on vehicles end up with poor visualization.

Graphic Size

Your decal or graphic should be large enough to see while riding on road. More important is to place the right graphic at right place. For example, business logo and phone numbers are prominent things that you always wan to highlight than others. Our designers know the important of wrap for your business, and design it accordingly.

High-quality Vinyl

Another important aspect to consider is to print your graphics with high-quality material that can lasts up to 3 to 5 years. Having row-resolution images can ruin your wrap and can put the negative influence for your branding. We are using durable latex ink with high end HP printers that offers sustainability to your designs.


Hiring professional installers for your car wrapping is highly recommended. This is the final step that should look flawless without any mistake. If it is a decal or small graphic, you can install it by your own. For large graphics and car wraps, we recommend you to hire experts.


If you’re interested in working with the most creative and professional company in Toronto get in touch with us. We’re the car wrap company you are looking for!