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The cost of car wrapping depends on several factors including vehicle size, material, and labor. If you are not a first-time wrapper then you must have an idea about the price of car wrapping. Of course, it is no more than repainting a car. Owners know how much it takes to repaint a car. Whereas wrapping takes less time even it can be done in 1 to 2 days depends on the size of the vehicle. Colour wrap will increase the sale value of your vehicle by protecting the original paint underneath the wrap.

Car Wrapping Price Factors

Car wrap price depends on the size of your vehicle, the area that needs to be covered, material, and the prominent factor is the labor. Car wrapping starts at $1900 and can go more than $10,000 depends on the car size and vehicle customization. We are pretty custom about car wraps, you can request a quote for accurate pricing information or check our pricing information. For personal medium-size cars as low as possible price could be around $2000-$2500. For commercial vans, SUVs, and trucks, the price can vary between $2000-$4000.

Car Materials

We are using 3M vinyl for car swapping that has 200+ colour options. It is high-quality vinyl that will not only protect your vehicle’s original colour as well as it will change the look of your car. Pricing also affects the material you choose.

Matte car wrapping can reach around $2500 for sedan cars and different for other vehicles. It is very famous among youth especially sedan cars. It will also cover the roof and sides.
Carbon Fibre is the most commonly used vinyl for car wrapping that can give unique look to your car. It starts at $2000, again depends on the vehicle size and customization.
Chrome wrapping is quite expensive compare to other car wrap materials. It can go high as $10,000 depends on the vehicle size and customization.

Wrap Samples

We understand that it is hard to analyze the material and colour choices just by looking at photos. We provide a free colour sample before you finalize the car wrapping with us. Having a sample beforehand will make it easy to choose the right colour for your vehicle. We have 200+ colour choices for car wrapping. It includes matte, chrome, carbon, and many more. Request a quote to order a free sample for your car wrap.

Car Wrap Lifespan

Usually, car wrap stays 3 to 5 years even sometimes more than this time period. This amount of time will also increase the resale value of your vehicle. Car wrapping will not only protect the original paint of the vehicle, also will give a brand new appearance. We provide a 1-year warranty for all car wraps including commercial wraps.

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