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Car wraps popularity has been increasing in Toronto. The car wrap industry is booming for few years and the reason is people want to add a personality to their cars.  Now the question is, do you want to ride with confidence? Having favorite colour wrapped car gives you goosebumps and fills you with confidence. We believe every vehicle is unique, so your colour wrap should be different and reveal your personality. Look at these features of car wrapping and decide what suits you best:

Amazing Look

No car manufacturing has numerous colour options to choose from. The vehicle comes in usually 3 to 4 colour options, and traditional black and white. We understand your curiosity and come up with 200+ colour options for colour change wraps. You can choose from numerous colours for your vehicle and can complete your dream car with a wrap.


Car wrap vinyl is of supreme quality that doesn’t get affected by rain or snow. We use 3M vinyl material that lasts 3 to 5 years approximately. We guarantee for 1-year adequately but mostly it lasts more than 3 years. The vinyl survives in harsh weather conditions and does not damage the original paint of the wall. Clearly, go on long rides having charm and confidence in hand.

Less Expensive

Clearly, colour wraps are affordable and less expensive than metallic or matte finishing paint. You will get matte, glossy, or semi-gloss finishing with colour change wraps. Getting it done with the paint-like finishing not only provides the confidence to ride, but it also gives you 100% satisfied scratchless free wrap.


Car wrap takes 1 to 2 days for installation and easy to remove when requires.  It doesn’t damage the original paint on vinyl removable, even it protects the damage. Our installers are not only going to install your wrap but they will be transforming the vehicle into your dream car.

Ride with Confidence

Get your vehicle wrap done with your favorite colour and stand out your car in crowd.
Colour and vinyl samples are available upon request.