Colour Change Wraps

How can I select colour for my car wrap?

We have 200+ colour options available that include gloss, metallic, satin, matte, carbon fiber, colour flip, and many more. We will send you a sample of colour you choose. Send us an email at: for more colour options.

How long does the wrap lasts?

We use high-quality vinyl for car wrapping that usually lasts up to 3-5 years. We give 1 year warranty for the wraps.

Commercial Car Wraps

Can you design wrap for my company van?

Yes, we also create designs for car wraps. If you’re going to wrap your company van for the first time then we’re the company to work with. Our designers will create full or partial car wrap designs based on your company’s branding, logo, and advertising.

Will I get a proof before the final wrap print?

We will send you proof of the car wrap design. We are ready for revisions, if you don’t like the design and want to change, simply say it. We would love to assist you in every phase of wrapping.

Can I just add a logo to my company van?

This is called car or vehicle decal. We can print vehicle decals of any size from small to larger ones. These are easy to install and remove.

Car Wrap Installation

How many days need for installation

It takes 1-2 days for installation depending on the size of the vehicle. Send us the model number of your vehicle, we will give you an estimated turnaround.

Do you also offer pickup or dropoff?

Yes, we also offer pickup and drop-off in the GTA region. You can select the day and time for pickup.

Can you do my installation on weekends?

Yes, we can do car wrap on weekends.


If you have any question and want to discuss with us, we’re happy to assist you.
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