Truck Wraps

Truck Wrapping

Car and truck wraps are perfect for your business that involves vehicles for service delivery. Full car wrapping is a popular method of advertising and branding. Whether you’re driving or parked, your vehicle with your logo wrap is doing the job and enhancing branding. It has been proven that mobile advertisement methods are cost-effective than standard billboards. Food Truck wraps last up to 3 to 5 years perfectly and we can remove it without damaging the original paint.

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What type of trucks we wrap?

Many businesses are using the full car wraps as a marketing tool and accelerating their business on a large scale. Following are the industries, have found truck wrapping useful and effective:

  • Food Trucks
  • Restaurant vans
  • Security Services
  • Plumbing & Technician
  • Electricians
  • Construction Trucks

If your business is not listed above or you are doing the full wrap for the first time, then we’re the company to work with. Contact us with our highly specialized designers, get an inspiring designs for your truck or car wrap.

How long truck wraps last?

We are using high-quality vinyl for truck wrapping that lasts up to 3 to 5 years. It will protect your vehicle from scratches, also full wrap will keep your original paint underneath. Full wrap not only protects your vehicle but wraps are also easily removed when you want to change with a new wrap or just to go with the original color.

Installation of Truck Wraps

We have an expert team of installers that wraps 1 to 2 truck wraps weekly. If the vehicle wrapping is done correctly then it looks flawless. We use high-quality printers to print your graphics as poor quality decals and graphics can have a negative impact on your company or brand Our expert installers use different techniques to make your truck wrapping look flawless with supreme quality. Contact our team to discuss your vehicle wrapping.


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